Current Weather in Cumberland, Maryland and 8 Day Forecast

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Interactive Weather Radar

Current Travel Webcams Around Allegany County (West To East) (See Our Travel Information Sub-Page For A Complete List Of Travel Webcams)

I-68 At Savage Mountain Tower Just West Of Frostburg, MD

I-68 Looking East At Savage Mt. Near The Weigh Station 

I-68 At Exit 33 At Midlothian Rd. In Frostburg, MD

I-68 Prior To Winchester Rd. In Lavale, MD

I-68 In Downtown Cumberland, MD

I-68 At MD-55 In Clarysville, MD

I-68 At Exit 42 At US-220 In Cumberland, MD

I-68 At Exit 47 At US-220 

I-68 At Street Rd. Just West Of Flintstone, MD

MD-51 At Oldtown Salt Dome 

I-68 At Exit 62 At Fifteen Mile Creek Rd. East Of Flinstone, MD

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